Energetic Weight-Loss Tip #1

Want to know how you can lose weight without changing your diet?

Here’s Energetic Tip #1:

Disconnect from mass media.

Yes, that means get your Arse off of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… and completely detox your energy fields from outside sources.

Your energy is constantly being bombarded on a daily, and for some, an hourly basis every time you engage on Social media.

If you don’t have good boundaries or you’re an empath, that’s like sitting in front of your television with a dozen doughnuts and stuffing them in your mouth as you watch!

Energetic weight is real thing!

A the majority of people use food to self-medicate the intense, harsh and low vibrating energy they feel via the mass consciousness and social media outlets.

More on What is the Mass Consciousness can be found here.

Everyone “plugs in” around the holidays but they don’t always know how to “un-plug.” That lack of unplugging is what adds ‘weight’ to your body and leaves you feeling heavy and dense.

Get clean and clear – post holidays- with our up coming  Energetic Detox Series and Drop the Energetic weight you’re carrying- feel lighter, more free and relaxed… and send those doughnuts back to the supermarket 😉

Or book a Private Session and get clean and clear right now!



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