Energetic Weight-Loss Tip #2

How to keep a hold on your Energetic Weight This holiday:

Energy tip #2


*When you’re attached to someone else:
*Acting in a specific way
*Doing things the ‘way they ought to be done’
*Saying the right things and not being rude
*Not wanting them to judge you or others
*To behave more consciously
*To take responsibility for their actions etc…

This creates an Energetic Attachment and a Cord.

More on Energetic Attachment can be found by clicking here.

More on Energetic Cords Can Be found Here.

For those who are energetically sensitive this will send your Empathic Sensitivity through the ROOF!

Now you have taken on other people’s ‘stuff’ and are carrying it on your body like a box of doughnuts. Seriously, it shows up as actual WEIGHT GAIN.

So many energetically sensitive people use food to create Boundaries, to Self-Soothe and Self-Comfort…etc.

How awesome would it be if you had tools to manage the energy instead?

Need to Detox your Energy fields?  Book a Private Session and get clean and clear right now!



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