Judgements Kill

Judgements will kill all of you manifestations and pull you out of alignment with your Source.   Any judgements of yourself or others are lower vibratory states of frequency that attract lower vibrations and experiences to you.   It’s a limiting construct – a clouded lens that only allows you to see the world & … More Judgements Kill

4 Misconceptions Of Vibrational Manifestation

Let’s talk about expectations.   Manifestation is the creation of your desires that shows up in your vibration.   The Universe reads these cues and delivers to you what you’re asking for.   So, let’s say you want $1,000,000.   Perfect. Now, YOU have to be an energetic MATCH for $1,000,000.   If you’re not … More 4 Misconceptions Of Vibrational Manifestation

Do You Use Social Media To Validate Yourself?

I see this happen so many times. Sometimes you pop on Social Media and post in your favorite group hoping that someone will ‘like or comment’ on your post and thus giving you that boost in self-esteem, confidence or self love you’ve been trying to activate. Somehow what OTHER PEOPLE post after you -makes you … More Do You Use Social Media To Validate Yourself?

Lightworkers Who Are Challenged With Illness or “dis-‘ease’

Today, I want to tell you a story that no one wants to talk about. 🙂 I come across so many Healers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs who have some type of “dis-‘ease’ that they try to hide. There seems to be some sort of stigma that says you can’t be a coach or healer if you … More Lightworkers Who Are Challenged With Illness or “dis-‘ease’

Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Everything takes practice. Before you got on your bicycle when you were 5 you practiced. Before a big game or competition – you practiced. When you’re consistent with what you practice you get good at it. Are you following me? The KEY to greater Alignment is 💫 consistency. Consistency with the vibration you’re offering through your … More Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Are You Aligned With Other People’s Perspectives?

Have you ever come across a situation where you read on Social Media someone posting about their perceived limitations? You know how it goes… it’s a post about how they perceive a situation but from a place of limitation, lack, judgment, jealously, non acceptance of self and others or irritation. They usually begin with something … More Are You Aligned With Other People’s Perspectives?