Spreading Her Wings

Have you ever heard the saying that you can’t build a house on faulty foundation or it will fall down? That’s TRUE about anything. Whether you’re building a home or a Daily Spiritual Practice – foundational pieces are REQUIRED to build your Connection and Alignment with your Source. This Practice/Ritual can be as EASY or … More Spreading Her Wings

Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Everything takes practice. Before you got on your bicycle when you were 5 you practiced. Before a big game or competition – you practiced. When you’re consistent with what you practice you get good at it. Are you following me? The KEY to greater Alignment is 💫 consistency. Consistency with the vibration you’re offering through your … More Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Talking With Your Partner About Hiring A Coach/Healer

Lately, I find myself running into women who ‘want & need’ energy coaching. They WANT energy coaching and they KNOW that they have blocks and would like to resolve them. Who wouldn’t? Energy coaching is one of the fastest ways to get yourself back on track and into greater alignment. The other side of that … More Talking With Your Partner About Hiring A Coach/Healer