Judgements Kill

Judgements will kill all of you manifestations and pull you out of alignment with your Source.
Any judgements of yourself or others are lower vibratory states of frequency that attract lower vibrations and experiences to you.
It’s a limiting construct – a clouded lens that only allows you to see the world & others from a singular point of view – as opposed to a higher perspective – that sees the world through a lens of purity & truth.
This higher perspective has no need to judge for it is Free from lower vibrations like Comparison, Fear, and Self-righteousness – which are human based misconceptions that fuel judgement.
These ego based fears reinforce feelings of separation, not feeling good enough, worthy enough, & other perspectives that limit your Divine birth right of Abundance, Oneness, Unity, Worth and Value.
When you look through the lens of judgement from your current state of being – you see the world from where you are rather than what it is and could be for you without the constraints of limitation.
Judgement of others is less about them and all about you.
Remember, your alignment.
You are Universal Source energy.
Your Divine Birthright is to be Happy, Loved, Joyful, Free, Peaceful and Content.
You were meant to experience each day with the wonderment of a child.
To experience flow in a creative way that sparks your intuition that propels you forward.
These are Universal Truths for EVERYONE.
When you focus on your Alignment – you have no need to judge another’s.
Manifest and Align On!
Elizabeth xx

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