You Can Change Your Vibrational Reality

Do you understand that your thoughts, feelings and what you believe about yourself is what creates your reality?
Your Vibrational reality.
That your Internal world (how you think, feel and believe) is then reflected to you in your outer world as a mechanism to show you where and where you Are or Are not in Alignment with your Inner Being.
The Universe answers to your vibration. Always. If you thought it – then it is so. 🙂
The only job you have – is to become a vibrational match to what you’re asking for and allow it in.
You might go through your lists of why things aren’t working out – based on your current perceived reality… not enough, can’t, don’t have it etc…
Those frequencies are mostly vibrations of lack, sometimes victim along with some other misaligned perceptions.
You might even argue for those limitations… and in doing so you make them even MORE real then they are.
Those arguments then become cemented in your current belief system.
Today… I’m speaking to the Magic Goddess who believes that they DO create their own reality.
That thoughts turn to things and that you can create, attract and expand and allow at your own free will.
That you have MAGIC within you and even though you may not know how to wield that magic – you for Damn sure want to try! ❤
You are willing to take the steps to come into greater vibrational alignment with your Inner Being and are ready to kick your limitations to the curb!
You know that by creating greater alignment with your Inner Being you will create greater, health, well being, abundance and healthy relationships!
Are you ready to pull out your gifts and wield them like the Empowered MOFO?
We think you are 😉
Join us for 6 Weeks of Money Magic and learn how to change your Vibrational Reality.
In 6 weeks you’ll learn how to use the higher realms for manifestation, create greater alignment with your inner being and HOW TO shift your Energy, Mind and Vibration for increased Manifestation.

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