Horizontal Manifestation

What is Horizontal Manifestation?
Horizontal Manifestation happens when you desire something in your experience (Love, Relationship, Money, New Home or Job) and you want to manifest it into your experience.
Sounds normal, right?
What most people fail to realize- is that anything that you reach horizontally for – will only give you a temporary result and never really satisfy that INNER DESIRE of what you’re really after.
What you desire in the world is merely a reflection of experiences you wish to create (desire) – BUT – and here is where people get tripped up – it’s only purpose is to help you identify what you REALLY WANT.
Ex. Let’s say you wish to feel more connected to others.
You make new friends, become a part of a community/tribe or group and socialize. <<—- this is the horizontal reach.*
At first, you now how lots of friends and ‘connections’ but you still don’t feel the kind of connection you were seeking.
Someone how these new connections don’t fulfill you in the way you hoped and you still feel a bit disconnected.
This happens when you place all your reference points for what you desire – Horizontally.
So let’s break it down for easy digestion.
On the surface your initial Desire is to feel more Connected.
Becoming a part of a community & making new friends will give us ___Connection___. (Could also be: Freedom, Connection, Joy, Security, Safety, Confidence)
Now that you KNOW that your Underlying Desire is you can Manifest what you’re really asking for…
Amplify that connection internally FIRST – find it and feel it within – and then WATCH as that work reflects back to you in the Horizontal world.
This can show up as invitations to groups, parties, events and other Horizontal experiences -BUT – it’s happening as a reflection of you Amplifying your own INNER Connection FIRST.
This what we call…
Align & Manifest On!

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