Are You Practicing The Law of Resonance?

There is a new trend of teachers spouting the idea of “ditching” all the people in your life who aren’t in the same place as you are (emotionally, vibrationally, or just around you) or who are being perceived as “dragging you down.”

I have a few of my own thoughts about that…

1. No one can “drag” you down unless you allow them to.

2. The idea that someone else is doing this to you because they’re a Debbie Downer is the energy of the Victim. You’re not a Victim, are you?

2. You are in control of your own energy at all times. If you’re not – I have programs that can show you how to manage that.

3. The Law of Resonance will always prevail… (it’s a Universal law) in case you’re not familiar with it read below:

The Law of Resonance states if an object/person vibrates at a certain rate of vibration, everything in its vicinity that has the same vibration as a dormant possibility will start vibrating at that frequency.

4. Instead of casting the blame out onto others why not try BE-ING the higher vibration in the room by holding a higher state of Coherence in your Energetic Fields and bring everyone UP instead of casting them out.

5. Would an Ascended Masters “Cast you out” because you weren’t at the same level as they were? (not likely)

6. So if you’re drawing to you a vibration from other people that is unwanted, uncomfortable or otherwise “draining” then I would invite you to go within and locate that vibration that you’re emanating and attracting and Shift It. (I have programs for that too 😉

7. See Number 4 and I’ll invite you to BE the one that holds the higher vibration. That’s how we change the world! ❤


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