Ask and It is Given… Sometimes


This week I have a Vlog for you on the concept of… “Ask & It is Given”… but is it really??

Click on the Photo below and find out!

Let’s talk about the concept of  “Ask and it is Given. I don’t know about you, but I’ve asked the Universe for quite a lot.  Sometimes what happens is, it doesn’t show up and so we’re wondering why “I asked – why it isn’t given?” but what we forget to remember is that there are times where we have subconscious blocks to what we’re asking for.  So we’re asking and the universe is giving but then we’re saying “Oh no, never mind I don’t want that.”

So you have to take a look at what you’re really asking for and do you have any subconscious blocks that would disallow the universe to bring that in for you?

When you ask for something you want to be in that vibration of allowing, allowing that vibration to come through – and remember – when you ask the universe for something you’re not telling it how to show up or giving it the parameters of how it’s going to look like or how it’s going to appear to you.

You’re asking for whatever it is you’re asking for and then you’re allowing it to show up, however the universe decides is perfect for you, and just be conscious that if you’re asking for something like more clients or a financial miracle and you have blocks to things like receiving – that – is going to take a little bit longer to come through then say, a parking space at your local mall.

The second thing to remember is that the Universe has no time limits; so even if you’re asking for it, it’s not going to show up in 5 minutes. Sometimes it can – it depends on what you’re asking for… sometimes it takes 3 days or a week – I’ve had things I’ve asked for show up 3 years later!

It’s all about Divine timing. So when you go in and ask for something – have no expectations – you don’t want to put a time limit on it – because if you do the universe will not deliver it in that time frame, because maybe what you’re asking for is not in your divine highest good… and then you will be disappointed.

So remember, when you Ask it is Given. Allow it to come through, don’t have any expectations as to when that is supposed to happen or how that’s supposed to look like.

The Universe will decide on the When and the How’s.

Happy Asking and I hope you receive everything you’re asking for!



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