Are You Being Subconsciously Manipulated?

I offer the following for your consideration….There are so many businesses out there and other entrepreneur’s looking to create a successful business that sometimes make me wonder “at what cost?”

Over the past year or so I have attended “free” webinars, “free” telecalls and even “free” live events from people who I thought were reputable – whose mission was to serve and help people from a place of “integrity” only to find out that those definitions were simply a ploy to drive you in.

I suppose I’m more sensitive to this because I actually DO work from a place of integrity. I don’t try to control, manipulate, victimize or in any other way influence people into working with me. In fact, just the opposite – you can read my other blog called “How do you determine what your client needs” to see how I empower my clients to make the appropriate choices for themselves.

I am also a highly sensitive Empath which means I can tell when I’m being manipulated and when someone else’s energy is OUT of integrity. I’ve actually seen it in action – when hoards of people at the end of the call/event emptied their bank accounts, maxed out their credit cards and even borrowed money from others in order to work with the presenter. Back in the day, I think I may have done that once myself… but is it really worth it?

Maybe… but the point that I’m really trying to drive home is that  Subconscious Manipulation is NOT within Integrity and who wants to work with someone who is constantly manipulating you, has no personal integrity and is only after your money?

Below, is this GREAT blog where you can see if you’ve ever been manipulated at any recent  events or calls you’ve attended. Author, Ewaid Berkers ( details a list to Escaping Manipulation by Sales People  so you can see if you’ve been manipulated recently. There is also some really good  tips on how to be in Personal Integrity  with others when you’re selling.

CLICK HERE to read the entire excerpt.

So for the record, let me just say, that there’s nothing wrong with selling – providing that you’re doing it from a place of TRUE Integrity. In fact, selling can be useful as a service tool to actually assist people in identifying their needs…. but if you’re doing it from a place of Subconscious Manipulation then the only person you’re serving is yourself.

Escaping Manipulation by Sales People

by Ewaid Berkers, 2013

Various tricks used by sales people, and how to escape being manipulated by them.

There are some particular tricks to watch out for, that manipulative sales people commonly use.


To escape being manipulated it is important to keep a keen eye on what is happening and what you’re feeling. If you feel fear, anxiety, guilt, in a situation where you might be manipulated, you probably are. Be aware of it, and be yourself.

Foot in the door

Manipulators know that you won’t just comply to what they want you to. Therefore, they start with a small request, one that is almost impossible to turn down. If you accept complying to it, they are in a position to “work” on  you. You have committed to their first request. Now they can proceed with getting you to commit to larger and larger requests, until they have you commit to what….. CLICK HERE to  continue reading


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