Alignment Activation

Today’s Inspired Message is an Activation For Creating Greater Alignment! Listen in and use it for yourself, share it with others and spread the energy of alignment with your friends! Don’t forget to share your experiences below and join us in our Awakened & Aligned With Elizabeth Pfeiffer community! Enjoy the Activation! Elizabeth xxMystic Mindset … More Alignment Activation

The Consciousness Of Poverty – do you have it?

Poverty Consciousness is a focused attention of the thought patterns of “I don’t have enough.” These thought patterns are based in a vibration of fear and lack of self-worth & value. Some conscious thoughts and fears that go along with this pattern are: “I’m not good enough” “I’m not talented enough” “I don’t have enough money, … More The Consciousness Of Poverty – do you have it?

A Scared Container

Lots of people ask me what this means and how it works. When you work with me we put you in our ‘bubble’ or Container for the time you are with us. In a Sacred Container, I can  monitor your Energy during this time frame you are working with us and be able to send you the Energetic … More A Scared Container