Repair your Energetic Fields

Today I have something new and fun to share with you!! As I wind down from the really large SI2HC Telecall I did last week I asked myself:

“What’s another way for people to experience the SI2HC Energy without having to sit through a long 60 minute recording?”

“How could I make it both fun and interesting?”

So today I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a VIDEO VLOG!

YES and VLOG not a BLOG. You see I’m comfortable with Blogs basically because you can’t see my face and I can say whatever I want to on there. LOL… but a VLOG (Video Blog) is different.

This requires me to be directly in front of you giving you the information as if I were talking to you in your home!

(Which, technically, I’m doing anyway!)

So don’t judge me too harshly – this is the first VLOG I’ve done where I bring in Energy Protocols for healing.



How does lying affect your Energy? Watch my VLOG below, find out & get a healing! 

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