What is an Intuitive Coach, Master Intuitive Coach & Life Coach

Wow! Somehow I deleted my entire blog along with this article! So if you’ve read this before my apologizes if not then let’s go….

I have been fielding some questions about the difference between a Master Intuitive Coach ®/Intuitive Coach®  via Colette’s Master Intuitive Coach Institute, a Life Coach and an Intuitive Coach.

This is a great question so I’ll try to delineate the difference the best I can!!


Let me start with the easiest one (Master Intuitive Coach® / Intuitive Coach®)  I am a Master Intuitive Coach® which means that I have trained directly with Colette Baron-Reid and have met all of the requirements of her Master’s Program. An Intuitive Coach® has studied with Colette in one or two modules and has been certified to practice within those modules.

(It’s important to recognize the Trademark (®) in these titles as they are a legal, registered professional trademark and only Master/Intuitive Coaches®  trained in the In-Vizion® process founded  by, Colette Baron-Reid may use it.

This particular Coaching Modality engages creative and active imagination, combined with a unique dialog process that helps radically shift perspective so that client’s can discover and move through most blocks to success and bring about greater states of balance, grace and joy.

Colette is very active in her institute and teaches the classes herself. She monitor’s all of her Coaches very closely and certification is awarded to those who have completed all the requirements and have proved their professional capability with the process.

All of her Master/Intuitive Coaches® must first participate in the modules as clients in order to understand the potential challenges of their own clients, do their own self evaluation, challenge themselves to a greater awareness and gain an understanding of powerful self –expression as part of their training.

An Intuitive Coach (without the trademark) is not a licensed, trademarked or affiliated with any registered, professional or licensed organization and have not been trained via Colette, or the Master Intuitive Coach Institute. Therefore, anyone working with their own Inner Intuition in their practice can use the tittle of an Intuitive Coach (without the trademark) as a description of the services they are providing.

Understand that this does not take away from any practitioner’s credibility or ability to do their work; its simple being defined within the parameters of the trademark as described above. They are many talented and capable Intuitive Coaches out there who do wonderful work!

A Life Coach, will usually mention on their website what type of Professional Coaching program they have participated in. There are a variety of different coaching programs out there and some people resonate more with one style over another. However, there are some people who call themselves a Life Coach and have not had any formal training (like in the parameters under Intuitive Coach above.)

Most Life Coaches have no problem telling you where and with whom they’ve trained with. Based on that information, you can investigate the program and see if that type of process resonates with you. Each professional coaching program uses a different technique/modality to locate, uncover and get to the root of any presenting issues. If you’re not sure what  type of program your Coach uses in their practice or it’s not listed on their website … then email them and ask! They would be happy to take your call.

In most states, there are no requirements or licenses to secure  in order to be able to call yourself a Coach, however, there are numerous professional coaching programs out there. (Check your state for local laws and requirements)  Most coaching programs require at least one year of training (some even more) practice hours, case study approvals, and passing a written test.

I hope that helps!

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