FULL MOON Release Exercise

New moon, Full moon, Half moon, Blue moon… sounds like a Dr. Seuss Rhyme, doesn’t it?

A Full Moon is defined as lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.

During the time of the Full Moon the energy shifts from drawing to us energy to releasing from us energy.

As you recall in my New Moon Intentions blog we drew to us the things we’d like to create in our lives.

Now it’s time to use the energy of the Full Moon to  release from us the old patterns, beliefs, and the just plain yucky stuff that we no longer wish to experience.

Many people like to use an exercise in order to accomplish this.

The purpose of an exercise, is simply a way to connect your subconscious thoughts and desires and cement them in here in the physical, by actually doing some type of act in order to solidify your intentions. This process can be elaborate or very demure and simple.

Since, I’m about simplicity, I’m going to share a very easy-to-do exercise that anyone can do so you can gain greater focus on what you’d like to release, solidify it in the mind and let it go.

WORLD NEWSWhat you will need:

A sheet of paper (yellow preferably, as this represents the solar plexus chakra – the source of your power and will)

Or CLICK HERE to use the sheet to the Left.

A Red Pen (As Red represents the Root Chakra – the source of grounding, safety and security) Not necessary if you don’t have one.

A set of matches and a candle (or you could use your stove)

A non-flammable bowl either glass, ceramic or metal.


If you meditate, then do so for about 10 minutes to prepare.

If not, just find a quiet place where you can be alone to contemplate the things you’re looking to release.  (I.e. repair of an old relationship, releasing debt, releasing old issues from childhood, releasing uncomfortable energy around a specific person/situation etc… you can even ask that an illness be released as well!

There is no limit to what you can ask for to be released – you’re only limited by the extent of your imagination.)

A. Take your red pen and draw a large circle on your paper. (Large enough so that the circle almost reaches the outer edges.)

B. Write down all of the things you’d like to release within the circle of the paper. (This is symbolic of handing over these issues to the moon, spirit etc…)

C. Then fold  up your paper and burn it. You can use a candle, outside fire-place, your stove, matches etc… Just make sure you have some type of non-flammable pot, bowl or dish you can place the burning paper into so the flame doesn’t spread.

I would recommend doing that burning OUTSIDE in order to avoid any accidents.

The burning process acts as a Symbol of you sending your issues into the higher realms so that Spirit can take it up to the heart of Source (Mother, Father, God, Creator – whatever term you use) In order to release that which is in your best and highest good.


Remember, the more honest you are with this exercise the more potent your intention is – so let it rip!

Try it out and come back here and post how you did.

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