Finding the right Energy Practioner…

Do you hire Energy Practitioner’s based on their resume or based on their energy?

This s a great question as Energy Practitioners are starting to become more mainstreamed and out in the public.

People are starting to become familiarized with Energy Work and are looking for alternative ways to heal besides the uses of traditional medicine.

So it begs the question….

  • Do you hire a practitioner because they have a fabulous resume? Or Do you hire a practitioner because you like their energy as a person?

Let’s look at it a little closer… What does a great fabulous resume tell you?

It tells you that the person is qualified to administer the techniques that you’ve inquired about in an effective manner.

Even if they have a litany of degrees; It doesn’t guarantee their state of mind or their level of spiritual advancement.

Which means they could be a practitioner who’s still wrapped up in their ego judgements and isn’t practicing what they’re preaching.

This may or may not be an important factor for you in your search but based on the Law of Resonance hiring someone at a more Spiritually advanced level can be beneficial for you.

 The Law of Resonance

If an object vibrates at a certain rate of vibration, everything in its vicinity that has the same vibration as a dormant possibility will start vibrating at that frequency. This law applies to everything, from subatomic particles to cosmic proportion.  In terms of human receptivity, this means that if somebody harbour a quality or problem that we to some degree harbour ourselves, we will resonate with the person, and knowledge of ourselves will thus help us knowing something about the other person…. excerpt taken from the Starbridge Centre 

Everyone is at their own level of spiritual evolution and process, however the number of degrees a practitioner obtains does not signify that they are spiritually advanced, then say, someone who doesn’t have a fancy resume and only practices one modality.

So, how can you tell if the practitioner you want to hire is at a comfortable level of spiritual advancement that feels right for you?

Sometimes you can just tell by their website…

  • Howe does the energy from their website feel to you?
  • When you watch their video’s: How does the person’s energy feel through the video?
  • Do you get that automatic “I want to work that person” feeling?
  • Do you get an expanded or contracted feeling as you surf through their site?
  • Did you try their FREE  items to see if the energy of their work resonates with you?

Some practitioners will offer a “get to know you call”  free of charge.

This can give you the opportunity to get a sense of who they are and what they have to offer. It also gives you a chance to hear their voice live and get a feel for them; especially if they don’t post videos on their site.

However, over the past year or so I’ve seen these “get to know you” calls turn into uncomfortable pushy sales pitches.

So, if you’re ever on a call and you start to  feel:

  1. Awkward or uncomfortable
  2. Get that stomach twanging sign of something isn’t right.
  3. Don’t feel a connection with the other person.
  4. Aren’t SUPER EXCITED to get to work with them.
  5. Made to feel stupid because you didn’t take them up on their “great” offer/services or
  6. Made to feel anything but empowered, excited and hopeful…….. then move on.

It’s very important to use your own inner knowing/Intuition when shopping for an Energy practitioner.

People don’t understand that when you do Energy Work, Energy practitioners are trained to discover/uncover those issues which you have kept buried within for years.

It’s our job to help you bring them up to the surface so that you can clear them for good!

This can at times make you feel vulnerable; so it’s important to make sure that you’re comfortable with your practitioner and KNOW that no matter what comes up for you, you will always be in a safe and protected environment.

Good Luck on your hunt!

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