Maṇḍala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” Mandala’s are usually intention created using sacred geometric shapes or fractals (reoccurring patterns), colors and vibrations.  They are what we would call “energy paintings.” They exude the energy of the intention it was created with into your space, room, office etc… Mandala’s can be used for healing, concentration, increase in awareness and connection to higher energies plus, so much more! ♥

How do you use a mandala?

You can hang it in a room, office, bedroom or load it up onto your phone, or use it as your desktop background. The energy will flow throughout the space, but if you need a little more energy than that, then sit in front of it for a few minutes and just feel the energy of the picture flow through.

Below are samples of a Mandala by Artist Oliver Manitara 

The first one represents Consciousness:

This one represents the Release of Suffering:

This one represents Protection from Harmful Influences:

Fun right? Try them out and tell us how they effected you! 🙂

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