Mercury in Retrograde

As you may have experienced the last couple of months have been quite rough, no?… but hold tight — there’s yet another wave coming as Mercury goes Retrograde!!

What does it mean when Mercury goes Retrograde?

Simply put, it’s when the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop and move backward which we call retrograde.

During this time you are given the opportunity to turn inward and re-solve any old issues you might have with yourself or with others. Aren’t we lucky!

Thus, this may bring up some old wounds to the surface in order to clear them for good. So try to look at this time as a way of finally cleaning house – and getting rid of what no longer serves you!

Since Mercury is the ruler of communication it’s not impossible to have “mis-communications” especially if it involves:


  • Like missed calls
  • Never getting someone’s email
  • Internet or phone suddenly not working
  • Computer or cell phone deleting all of your saved information
  • Misunderstanding the words or TONE of another
  • Mis-reading other’s energy/intentions

During this time Mercury is asking us to slow down and really look at the things that no longer serve us and he will do this in several ways…

We can become forgetful, indecisive, your appliances may conk out, and some of those old issues that you’ve tried stashing away in your closet will come up to the surface giving you yet one more chance to look at it and clear it away.

During this time, it’s always advised to take things slow and to avoid things like:

  • Signing any big contracts
  • Making any Travel arrangements
  • Launching any new products
  • Buying large ticketed items

If you do…

then just make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s and then DO IT AGAIN… and ONE MORE TIME.

So follow-up on emails you’ve sent especially if you haven’t heard back in a timely manner, and most of all try to be patient with others… it may not be their fault! 😉

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