Therapeutic Sound Bath

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Self Care Day!

This is for those days when your brain is running amok, you’re all stressed out or things just don’t seem to be going right, you need a break but have no time to take one!

First, you must always remember that there is ALWAYS ENOUGH.

There is always enough time, money, clients, people etc… or whatever other fears you’ve dipped into for the moment.

Self Care is not an option.

It is a requirement. Lack of Self-Care will only result in Ill-ness, anxiety, stress, and then it spirals down from there.

Give this a try – It doesn’t take that long and will have you feeling MUCH BETTER in no time!

Run yourself a hot bath, light some candles, fill your tub with LOTS of bubbles and some Luscious smelling essential oils and play 30 minutes of sound frequencies in your bathroom (not too close to the tub) and allow it to rejuvenate and heal your Mind, Body & Soul. 

There are two Free Sound Therapy tracks…. Click Here to Read More


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