Healing the Body Responsibly

I am a big proponent of Self-Healing, Energy Work and using alternative methods in order to change the IMG_1612energy in the body and heal yourself.

As you may already know, it’s our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about ourselves and the situations around us that can create and draw discord that manifests in the physical human form as illness or Dis-ease. 

Many of our Souls have contracts in this lifetime with the Body to manifest this discord, dis-ease or illness in the form for the purposes of spiritual growth and evolution.

The body will manifest the illness in the form and then reflect that to you in the form of pain or “dis-ease.”

Kind of like a “Hey! Do you see what you’re creating over here?” 

The Below example was taken from Louise Hay’s Book You can Heal Yourself



Asthma manifests in the body (lungs) – It’s an illness where the bronchial tubes contract and cuts off the flow of oxygen. Some of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs around Asthma relate to:

a. Being Smothered by an overbearing loved one
b. inability to breathe for oneself.
c. Feeling stifled.
d. Suppressed crying

From my experiences Asthma and lung related issues are also related to unresolved grief and fear. Fear of life, fear of change etc… 

Can some of these illnesses be treated naturally, with Energy Work or Sound Therapy? 


However, one must be very self-aware of how you are treating physical illnesses. You must be very in-tune with your body and…

1. Recognize if the Alternative Treatments you are using are making any improvement in your condition.

2 Are you getting worse despite the treatments?

3. Are you suffering and are uncomfortable most of the time?

4. Are you working with a knowledgable Healer, Energy Worker, practitioner?

5. Are you only relying on your own ability to self-heal and not working with a professional?

6. Are you taking homeopathic supplements like Standard Process or other formulated support for the body that are prescribed to you by a certified health practioner?

The biggest misnomer in healing is if you treat the symptom the problem will go away. Unfortunately, treating one symptom doesn’t necessarily mean you’re treating the correct system or the root problem. 

The body is a complex unit of structure. Experiencing one symptom in one area of the body does not necessarily mean that this is where the problem is… it’s only manifesting discord there. The real underlying issue could be in an entirely different place and only a trained professional would be able to discern that.

So it is with a more conscious Awareness that I invite you to tune into your body and entertain the following: 

-Invite your body to return all responsibilities it has taken on for you as a Soul and return it to your Soul so you can work on it the higher realms; instead of asking your body to work it out for you on the form by creating dis-ease. 

-Know when your body is going into that run down stage and get supplements and other support and head it off. 

-Be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and projections you are casting on yourself, your life and your body and cut off the creation of discord before it has a chance to manifest into illness. 

Lastly, and probably the most important point of this entire piece is…

Know when you get help.

There are those times when you just need to consult a Doctor, Chiropractor, Trained Healer or other medical professional.

There will be a time on this Planet when we will be able to heal ourselves without medication for the simplest to the most severe conditions and maybe some of you are in that space… but the majority of people on the planet are not. 

… and so it is with great Awareness that we invite you to be more Conscious of your physical and emotional health and to use your intuition to know when it’s time to self-treat and when it’s time to ask for help. 



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