Clearing Your Home & Space

IMG_1983A general home clearing will neutralize any negative ions that are about the home. Negative ions can be created with discordant energy like having an argument on the phone, with a spouse, or a child.

A clearing of negative ions will neutralize the discordant energy so that it doesn’t cause a disruption in the home or with its occupants.

On some rare occasions discordant energies can be found with the presence of an earthbound spirit.

These beings have passed away but for whatever reason have not returned “home.” They usually have issues related to fear of returning home and in some cases they don’t know where “home” is and thus cannot move on.

Therefore, they will find spaces in which they feel safe. Ex. If a being was a young child when they passed then they might find it safe for them to be in a home where a family resides. Unfortunately, if you have very young energy sensitive children, this can be unsettling for them because they can sense their presence when no one else can.

Some signs can be, but are not limited to:

  • Waking up several times in the middle of the night with fright.
  • Developing odd sleeping patterns… i.e. sleeping with the covers over their heads because it feels safe that way.
  • Not feeling safe in their room.
  • Nightmares.
  • Feeling as if someone is standing in the room watching them.

Cases like these are common and if a house clearing doesn’t help, then one should check with their local pediatrician.  Otherwise you are dealing with a simple sign that there is discordant energy about and that the home needs to be “reset” back to neutral.

A home clearing can occur anytime in which you feel that there was either too much energy from too many people in the home i.e. parties, after an argument, or disturbing news etc…

 What you will need is all in here….CLEARING YOUR HOME SPACE

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