How To Receive Things For Free.

Over the years I have been a master at attracting people, services and other things to me for Free. Not because I wasn’t willing to pay for them – but because my attraction factor is high and open to receive the things people give me. Now, I’m not talking about Free like Coaching Sessions, Card … More How To Receive Things For Free.

Alignment Activation

Today’s Inspired Message is an Activation For Creating Greater Alignment! Listen in and use it for yourself, share it with others and spread the energy of alignment with your friends! Don’t forget to share your experiences below and join us in our Awakened & Aligned With Elizabeth Pfeiffer community! Enjoy the Activation! Elizabeth xxMystic Mindset … More Alignment Activation

No Excuses…

EXCUSES… are false beliefs that we create in order to press pause on our success. Every excuse you’re using -right now- is just a mind-block to your success. 9 times out of 10 the belief you’re telling yourself isn’t even true – but you MAKE IT true and hold it in place with fear, procrastination … More No Excuses…

Spreading Her Wings

Have you ever heard the saying that you can’t build a house on faulty foundation or it will fall down? That’s TRUE about anything. Whether you’re building a home or a Daily Spiritual Practice – foundational pieces are REQUIRED to build your Connection and Alignment with your Source. This Practice/Ritual can be as EASY or … More Spreading Her Wings