Spreading Her Wings

Have you ever heard the saying that you can’t build a house on faulty foundation or it will fall down? That’s TRUE about anything. Whether you’re building a home or a Daily Spiritual Practice – foundational pieces are REQUIRED to build your Connection and Alignment with your Source. This Practice/Ritual can be as EASY or … More Spreading Her Wings

An Activated Meditation for Presence, Peace & Stillness

I am currently on vacation but could not help take this video… and I wanted to share it with you. The Energy right now can be a little unsettling – so bring back to your Divine Line all of your awareness that you have everywhere in the universe but here with this Activated Meditation. Sit … More An Activated Meditation for Presence, Peace & Stillness


Maṇḍala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” Mandala’s are usually intention created using sacred geometric shapes or fractals (reoccurring patterns), colors and vibrations.  They are what we would call “energy paintings.” They exude the energy of the intention it was created with into your space, room, office etc… Mandala’s can be used for healing, … More Mandalas