Candida…Gas, Bloating & Belching- oh my.

Have you noticed changes in your body as you have increased your light quotients and vibrations? When we start to hold higher frequencies in our energetic fields our bodies go through their own adjustment. (see my Blog on Physical Signs that you’re increasing you’re increasing your vibration) for signs and symptoms. One of the symptoms … More Candida…Gas, Bloating & Belching- oh my.

Who Do You Admire?

Ok, here’s a Self-Discovery/Esteem exercise. You are going to want to DO this. I’m not going to tell you why until the end. So get out a piece of paper and a pen. READY? Think of Three people who you admire? (Yes, they can be famous, dead or otherwise 😉 Write their names down on … More Who Do You Admire?

I Am Only Human…

This trend of creating the “I’m only human” excuse for our behaviors, beliefs, feelings and emotions toward ourselves or others is yet another detour to avoiding looking inward and really analyzing why we are where we are right now. What if I told you that you weren’t human at all! That you were a Divine … More I Am Only Human…


Right now some of you are going… huh? So what does it really mean and how do you do it? With all the Irritation,Lethargy and Fear vibrations circulating right now during these dimensional merges people are finding themselves to moving through some very difficult situations, experiences or lesson. Not just people you meet on the street … More PRACTICING COMPASSION

You Are The Guru!

There are a lot of  Spiritual Teachers and Writers hitting your local Barnes and Noble with their motivating and inspirational stories of how to be a better person. They write about their trials and tribulations, their own journey of discovery and then, if you’re lucky, they’ll give you some tools in order to ascertain this … More You Are The Guru!