Are You Leaking Money? Take The Test!

Yes, you can actually leak money. ..but before we show you how let’s rewind a bit. We come from a perspective that: Money Is ENERGY. Source Is ENERGY. You Are Source Energy. Therefore Money Is Source Energy Which You Are As Well. We also hold the perspective that: Money Comes As A Secondary Benefit To … More Are You Leaking Money? Take The Test!

Move Your Money Energy

…with EXERCISE! Seriously… do you know why it’s SO important to MOVE and step away from your computer | job | sitting around in front of the television? …Because trapped energy sits in your energetic fields, your mental body and your emotional body. So in a Universe where your thoughts and feelings creates your reality … More Move Your Money Energy

Choose Happiness

It doesn’t matter how you might have woken up this morning. You can choose to change it. Today I am choosing Happiness because that means fun and freedom for me. …and here’s the best part… you can choose it too! 🤩DECIDE how you’re day is going to go. 🤩CHOOSE your vibration for the day. 🤩ALLOW … More Choose Happiness

Lightworkers Who Are Challenged With Illness or “dis-‘ease’

Today, I want to tell you a story that no one wants to talk about. 🙂 I come across so many Healers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs who have some type of “dis-‘ease’ that they try to hide. There seems to be some sort of stigma that says you can’t be a coach or healer if you … More Lightworkers Who Are Challenged With Illness or “dis-‘ease’

Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Everything takes practice. Before you got on your bicycle when you were 5 you practiced. Before a big game or competition – you practiced. When you’re consistent with what you practice you get good at it. Are you following me? The KEY to greater Alignment is 💫 consistency. Consistency with the vibration you’re offering through your … More Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Do You Have Nightmares During Dimensional Shifts?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Or even worse, having nightmares? Right now we’re going through a very big energy shift and when this happens, the veils of our world and the spirit world, start to dissolve and get thin. This is a merging of our dimension and the other. It’s like the top floor and the bottom … More Do You Have Nightmares During Dimensional Shifts?

How Illness Manifests…

This is a very interesting, complicated explanation that I will attempt to put into simple terms so that even those who are not energetically inclined can get a working reference. Let’s start from here.. “You are not a human being having a spiritual experience… but instead you are a Soul being having a Human experience.” Therefore, you are … More How Illness Manifests…