Money Is A Tool

I’ve seen people sabotage their own wellbeing with a single thought.   I’ve seen people turn down money and turn away from great opportunities because of self-limiting beliefs.   I’ve had people struggle with the idea of running a Spiritual practice only to harbor thoughts that Spiritual people aren’t supposed to make money off of … More Money Is A Tool

You Weren’t Meant To Live In Limitation

Are You Afraid Of Money? You’re probably sitting there right now going  “not me – send it my way!” …but in truth people associate a lot of fear around receiving money. I’ve worked with many Spiritual Entrepreneurs who wanted to increase their income levels in their healing and coaching practices and couldn’t figure out why … More You Weren’t Meant To Live In Limitation

Move Your Money Energy

…with EXERCISE! Seriously… do you know why it’s SO important to MOVE and step away from your computer | job | sitting around in front of the television? …Because trapped energy sits in your energetic fields, your mental body and your emotional body. So in a Universe where your thoughts and feelings creates your reality … More Move Your Money Energy

Tap Your Own Keg

Social Media is a bit like going to a singles bar. Every time I enter the bar (a group) I watch people sample and sell their Beer 🍺 hoping that they make a connection and get invited back to your place. 😉 My friends… The bars are loaded. There are tons of people in the bar sampling and … More Tap Your Own Keg

4 Misconceptions Of Vibrational Manifestation

Let’s talk about expectations.   Manifestation is the creation of your desires that shows up in your vibration.   The Universe reads these cues and delivers to you what you’re asking for.   So, let’s say you want $1,000,000.   Perfect. Now, YOU have to be an energetic MATCH for $1,000,000.   If you’re not … More 4 Misconceptions Of Vibrational Manifestation