Toxic Mirroring

There have been many times – where I literally want to wretch 🤢 when I see Coaches start with the whole water works show 😭– when delivering a masterclass.

For the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on why those energetics felt so gross.

I’ve been sitting on this for months and then I received an answer that totally made sense to me.


You see you’ve probably been taught:

>To ‘create a connection’ with the people you want to sell too.

>That they’re more inclined to buy when they are emotionally invested.”

Therefore, it’s not uncommon to hold a belief – that turning on the waterworks – with the whole “I’m just like you” “I’ve been where you are” “I know your plight – mine was even worse” 😭😭😭 etc… is the way to go.


Because 90% of the population is Empathic.

It is very common for Empaths to connect with someone very quickly – as you have a unique knack for being able to literally step into someone else’s shoes – and experience the other persons emotions in real time.

When this occurs you have to be mindful of what is happening energetically.

An innocent masterclass can turn into a messy trauma bonding experience- very quickly.

Unconsciously – you might feel as if you’re making a “connection” with the speaker but you’re not…

You’re simply sharing matching pictures/stories – that triggers your own unresolved trauma points – and engages you in conversational (mirroring) in a negative way.

I’d like to think that speakers do this unconsciously – as they are unaware of their own un healed aspects of self and how they are projecting their wounds on others – but…

I have found that – that is not always the case.

In fact, it is a marketing strategy – used purposefully for creating connection, promoting rapport, or creating Sales opportunities for themselves.

In short, it’s emotional manipulation.

That type of energetic entanglement is not only messy it can cause some real damage; especially, if they are not trained in trauma healing.

So, be mindful when you attend your next masterclass or holding one – If the energy feels sticky to you – you’re probably experiencing a Toxic Mirroring moment.

Elizabeth xx

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