Dealing With Energetic Hits In Public.

Energetically sensitive folks don’t have gifts that start at 9am and end at 5pm.

Most of us are receiving energetic information 24/7.


How to you deal with people who come across your path – say in the supermarket – whose energy is so strong that you can’t avoid it?

An untrained practioner – albeit with good intentions, might approach said person and feel the need to begin a conversation about personal issues, that the other person is unaware of.

This can be startling for the receiver and a violation of boundaries.

When you receive strong energy like that – that is an indicator that their Soul recognizes that you have information them.

There’s no need for awkward conversations, explanations or startling esoteric interventions in a public space.

Instead, send them the information they are asking for – where it can be received and …

>>>this is important<<<

and to the DEGREE – that are willing to receive it.

Now, they asked and you answered.

Many healers get caught up in the “I feel like I have to do something” because I’m receiving this information for them so loudly.

It’s very easy to engage the ego in this space – and forget that the other person transmitting the energy – is also a powerful SOUL being.

They’re not asking you for an intervention.

They’re asking for the information.

So send it.

Elizabeth xx

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