You Are Your Own Saboteur

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The Unconscious part of you wants to AVOID certain circumstances and situations -that remind it – of painful situations you experienced in the past.

  • It does this by Creating FEAR and DOUBT in hopes that you’ll back down and walk away.
  • For The Unconscious this is a WIN.
  • For YOU it is a self sabotaging behavior that holds you back from EVERYTHING you desire.

You see… There is no OUTSIDE force or person doing anything to you.

It’s FEAR.

I once had a woman who paid me over $15,000 to Coach her and every time she made a little bit of motion forward she’d take 3 steps back.

She’d blame it on her circumstances, spouse, other people, her boss etc… Everywhere but on herself.

So, when I finally asked her what the WORST thing that would happen if she actually GOT more clients – She said:

  • She would have to put her clients needs before her own and she was already ill.
  • She thought she’d have to talk with her clients whenever they texted, messaged or called.
  • They would drain her energy and exhaust her.
  • She’d have to take care of MORE people and she was a mother of 3.
  • She’d get even sicker and would possible die!!!


YOU are the one who creates these fears. These fears are yours and..

Here’s the KEY** >>>> because they are yours – you can CHOOSE not to have them.


1. Think about what you desire.

2. Really FEEL into it or Perceive it.

3. Notice what Resistance thoughts or Fears arise when you think about it.

4. Recognize that these are your Self Saboteurs.

5. Now imagine what you could have right now – if you didn’t take your fears along for the ride.

It’s time to leave those old stories behind.

Your future is just a quantum leap away.

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Elizabeth xx

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