The Healers Trap

Listen Along If You’d Rather!

One of the biggest hurdles we need to overcome – is the idea that you are broken – and somehow need to be fixed.

This is the biggest lie that has permeated the collective awareness right now..

It was designed to keep you in a cycle – of always thinking – that there’s something wrong with you.

That somehow there is some part of you that is broken or not good enough.

It never allows you to see the truth of who you really are and Keeps you in cycles of pain and suffering.

There is nothing to fix, friends.

Our egos are so afraid to address pain – that it’s attached – to keeping you from similar experiences at all costs.

One could say – that it impedes your ability to heal because experiencing the pain – and having it move through your energy fields and body is how we heal.

Avoiding pain keeps us stuck in repeating patterns, Gets lodged in the physical form and causes illness and disease.

90% of the time – these energies are unintegrated pain, trauma, other aspects of self that have been ignored, and underlying fears that stuffed away and need to come up and be processed.

This phenomenon is called the healers trap.

It’s when – you get so caught up in always looking for something to heal – that you develop an unconscious, magnetic attraction, for things to fix about yourself.

This directs your focus on how you’re lacking – instead of the awareness that you have everything that you need within you right now.

I called it the 80/20 rule.

In every situation you have the option to focus on the 20% of what’s going wrong with you or on the 80% of what’s going right with you.

But the collective focus has been trained to focus on the 20%.

Evolution is not about – how much you can fix while you’re here on the planet – It’s about how much you Create through your experiences.

You can’t change the past – but you can process it, allow it to move through you, heal and move forward.

No fixing is needed.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re not broken.

You are Divine.

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