How To Surrender

Listen Instead!

I get this question a lot from my clients.

They make it through all the SH*T that they’ve experienced and they’re finally at the point where they can release the reigns and then run into this…


How do you do it? 

I’ve explained this a long time ago but don’t believe we’ve spoken about this recently so here we go.

First, in order to surrender, you have to LET. GO. OF. THE. DAMN. WHEEL… and stop trying to steer.

This is called CONTROL.

To think that you really have control over any situation, person or event, is a futile waste of mind space. 

You can have GOALS -but HOW those goals are filled- are not up to you.

The ONLY thing you CAN CONTROL – is the energy- that flows within your own Divine Line. 

That’s it friends… the rest is given to you via inspiration, ideas, thoughts, prompting from Soul. 


That’s it.

Only one… to feel good by staying inside your own Divine Line and focusing your attention on your alignment.

Your Soul knows the game plan of what you want.

Your job is simple to ALLOW for your Soul to fill in those spaces by Aligning with it.

  • It is not worried about the HOW.
  • It is not worried about controlling Aunt Sally.
  • It is not worried about what other people say.
  • It is not worried about If It’s Good enough.

Get it? 

So in order to answer the question of – how do I surrender? 

You have to RELEASE CONTROL of the situation.


Follow your guidance.

ALLOW yourself to Receive.

Flip self-deprecating thoughts into Alignment – with how your Soul would see it – and if you’re really crafty…

Use the higher dimensions – to find that part of you who’s already IN THAT SPACE – and get them to send you all the information you need in the now.

We call that Quantum Jumping.

But that’s another blog.

Keep moving forward.

Until next time…

Align and manifest on!

Elizabeth xx

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Talk soon!

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