Divine Right Timing Is A Myth…

Yes, I said it.

Divine Timing is a Myth.

Here’s the The Glitch Around it.

Well it’s been a hot minute since we talked, hasn’t it?

*Controversial Perspectives Ahead*

Like most people in the Spiritual Community I was programmed to believe in Divine Timing.

To believe, that some type of outer force, had control over what transpired in my life.

That the blocks to life or business -that I was experiencing -were some how controlled by this outside energy that made decisions for me.

Literally, on the LAST DAY of 2020, I had a huge shift in consciousness – that I am still integrating – but one of the pieces that came out of that was this…

YOU are in absolute control of what you allow into your reality at any given time.

The Universe is a very responsive Consciousness and thus – what you ask for is already done.

RECEIVING – what you ask for – isn’t up to another outside Source.

It’s up to YOU.

That being said…

The idea of Divine Timing is then faulty.

The Universe doesn’t decide WHEN you get to have things you ask for


  • Your Vibration Decides.
  • You Sense of Allowing Decides.
  • Your Willingness to Shift Mental Perspectives decide.
  • Your Feelings decide.
  • Your “Programs” Decide.

That’s right.

-Your Programs.

Programs are simple Perspectives, Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs- that you subscribe to.

Here’s the thing about programs…

They can be De-Programmed.

Think back…

Remember when you had a thought or feeling that you decided no longer worked for you?

  • That shift created space in your energy.
  • It opened you up to New experiences.
  • You Allowed More In.
  • You Received More Synchronicity.

KNOW ONE out there is at the switch waiting for you to be good and then rewarding you.

A lot of people wait and wait and wait for this thing we call Divine Timing.

It’s like waiting for permission to live your life.

  • What if you made you own Divine Time.
  • What if you removed the fear of moving forward.
  • What if you Stepped further into your own power.
  • What if you Aligned deeper with your Inner Essence & saw the world from that perspective.
  • What if you Allowed yourself to receive everything you asked for.
  • What if all you had to do was DECIDE that you were going to get out of your own way?

So the next time you convince yourself that it’s NOT the RIGHT TIME…

Remember this…

YOU have the power to create RIGHT TIMING.

Line up your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about what you want, when you want it and get out of your own way.

The TIME IS RIGHT when you become the Vibrational match to what you want.

That is Alignment.



TIME It well.

Align and Manifest On!


Don’t forget to head on over to Elizabethpfeiffer.com and take advantage of our free Mindset and Alignment Trainings. It’s all there waiting for you. Talk soon.

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