How Corporate Culture Mainstreamed A Lack Mentality.

It is amazing how large corporations take control over the mass collective around abundance.With the assistance of Mainstream media – it has successfully created unconscious programs that tell you how to shop for things.

We’ve all been especially programmed to buy things that are on SALE.

To look for “GOOD DEALS.”It has become such an embedded part of our culture -that on days like Black Friday – people will get up at 3am, stand in line out side a store before it opens ~

…and fight someone else for 50% off of whatever product they came in for.

Companies and corporations do this on purpose.

They create lack and demand by slowing down or speeding up a flow of any said item.

They shrink the quantity of an item and charge you more for it.

Or they will Put it on “SALE” to increase revenue to ensure that you’ll buy it over another brand.

ALL OF THIS stems from one belief system that they want to make sure they drive home…

It’s the belief of: “There’s Not Enough.”

Not enough money, products, food, toilet paper, etc…

When corporations PUSH on that button – the collective panics.

They play on your belief systems (that they’ve installed) in order to control their own revenue.

They reinforce this system as often as they can – because if you knew the TRUTH – then the entire system would fail.

Here’s what they don’t want you to know…

There are 2 CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDS on this planet.

The one that I just described is the Mass Consciousness.


The Enlightened Grid is A grid of true Source Alignment.


  • There is more than Enough.
  • You are fully Connected to your Source.
  • You are an Empowered Divine Being.
  • You are Good Enough.
  • You are Loved.
  • You are Valued.
  • You are Abundant.

You probably can’t even relate to it because you’re so engrained in the first one.

It is, by definition, a complete 180 degree shift in thought.

But here is how you begin to deprogram yourself:

  • Have the AWARENESS that you’re functioning from it.
  • Notice when it comes up. (shopping, spending money etc..)
  • Identify how it makes you feel and then…
  • DECIDE to change it.

Money is fluid, friends.

There is always enough.

It ebbs and flows and YOUR Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs control the flow.

Tell me…When you spend more money than you planned –

  • What stories does your mind spin into?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What thoughts pop into your mind?
  • What do you tell yourself?
  • Do you have buyers remorse when you get to the parking lot?
  • Do you return the item the next day?

That’s Fear….

and it works.

It works really well.

You’re not alone…

The entire planet is programmed in the same way.

It’s so engrained in your psyche, that DEPROGRAMMING it, can take years.

But you have to start somewhere.

Start today.

You are more powerful than you were led to believe.

Elizabeth xx

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