How To Receive Things For Free.

Over the years I have been a master at attracting people, services and other things to me for Free.

Not because I wasn’t willing to pay for them – but because my attraction factor is high and open to receive the things people give me.

Now, I’m not talking about Free like Coaching Sessions, Card Readings, Free Worksheets etc…

Because as we all know… Those things aren’t really “FREE.” (but that’s another post)

I’m talking about Free Programs worth over $8,000, Free Mentoring Programs Worth over $10,000, Free Event Tickets, Free Hotel Stays, Free Jewelry etc…

The above are real examples of what I’ve created for myself over the years after learning how to align my vibration.

This is an entirely different Mindset than seeking out things for Free because you “Can’t, Won’t, or Don’t” want to pay for them.

Those frequencies are soaked in Not Enough and Lack Vibrations.


If I Buy this _____ Then __________.

  • Then I won’t have enough.
  • I will never get the money back.
  • I will run out of money.
  • I will struggle to earn it back.

The THEN in this example is always a lower vibrational frequency thought or feeling.It’s like a consequence to spending, paying, buying etc… which CLOSES OFF your receiving flow.

Mystic Friends…

You can’t create an Abundant Mindset if you’re consistently telling yourself these stories.

FREE comes to your when you are open to receive and unattached to the outcome.

When you cultivate an open mind and ALLOW the Universe to bring you the right match of what you’re seeking – FREE stuff flows in too.

Now you’re receiving top tier Gifts, Services, Connections and Opportunities because you are attracting them to you.

Not because you’re functioning form a place of “can’t afford it” “It’s too expensive” or “I don’t have enough.”

So the next time, the Universe brings to you exactly what you’re looking for, remember…

  • YOU attracted it.
  • YOU have complete control over your energy.
  • YOU can have anything you desire.
  • YOU are manifesting power house.

So today, as you surf through the internet, take not of your vibration.

Are you reading things from a place of Lack or Abundance?

Are you looking for the next best Free Event OR are you Attracting it to you?

Perception makes all the difference.

It’s all a frequency.

Align and Manifest On!

Elizabeth xx

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