Success Triggers

It’s not someone else’s problem that you’re triggered by their success.

Are you bothered by people posting pictures of themselves next to their fancy cars, sitting by the pool at a luxury hotel or lying on the beach in the tropics somewhere?

Do you find those types of posts ‘icky’ like they’re showing off and does it feel slimy to you? That is your first clue that you have an underlying money issue.

The Yucky Feeling is the Trigger.

It goes straight for the limiting belief you may not know that you’re holding and hits it right in the gut.

The Call Out is the Judgement

You Call it out or judge it as Right Or Wrong but this is the cover up.

You completely avoid the fact that it’s YOUR issue that got activated – not the other persons.

You move further into the wound and instead of looking at it and dissolving it – you DIVE straight into the Lack, Doubt, etc… and cut yourself off from all the possibilities of receiving .

Your Judgement Loves Company

In order to prove that you are RIGHT and they are WRONG and slimy – you illicit others to CONFIRM your Money Wound by seeing it the same way you do… and guess what?

They do – they confirm it because they have the same ones.

Now that you are both Comfortable in your limited perception – neither of you will shift it because you’ve affirmed it as truth.

Toss Some Integrity On It To Bury It For Good

In order to make sure it is good and gone – you toss some other limiting beliefs on top to make sure it never resurfaces.

These are disguised under the cloak of judgment and arrogance such as:

  • Rich people lack integrity
  • It’s not Spiritual to _______
  • Their posts feel slimy
  • They use their money to show off
  • They use their money to manipulate
  • They use their money to gain power etc… Plus, whatever you tell yourself.

All of these money beliefs close off your energy to receiving. It’s a limitation that will keep you stuck.It doesn’t allow you to see past your own wounds.

  • WHAT IF….
  • Those people were flashing you something else?
  • WHAT IF …
  • They were reminding you of what you could have?
  • WHAT IF …
  • They were showing you where you’re limited.
  • WHAT IF …
  • They were showing you where you have work to do.
  • WHAT IF…
  • Instead of seeing them as WRONG you saw their experience as a Possibility for yourself?

Everything that triggers you is here for your consideration… but before you go all ham (Hard as a Motherf*cker) on the rich people remember…

They are the ones holding the frequency of Abundance – so we could all see that ANYTHING is possible.

They did the work and they weren’t looking over their shoulders to see what anyone else thought.

They weren’t putting down other rich people because they wanted to BE rich people.

So the next time your money beliefs jump up and slap you in the face – maybe take step back and ask…

  • Is this something I need to Clear?
  • Is this something I need to Heal?
  • Is this something I need Look more closely at?

Because 9 times out of 10 – It’s not someone else’s problem that you’re triggered by their Success no matter how they display it to you.

Align and Manifest On!

Elizabeth xx

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