Spreading Her Wings

Have you ever heard the saying that you can’t build a house on faulty foundation or it will fall down?

That’s TRUE about anything.

Whether you’re building a home or a Daily Spiritual Practice – foundational pieces are REQUIRED to build your Connection and Alignment with your Source.

This Practice/Ritual can be as EASY or as INVOLVED as YOU CHOOSE.

Isn’t that great?


How awesome is that?

You get to create a Sacred Space for yourself and build on your Alignment with things that make you feel good, keep you motivated and inspire you for the day!

>>But here’s the thing…

Some people get bored with their daily practice and others stop doing it somewhere around 2 weeks in.

If that’s you – you’re making it too hard and too tedious to keep up with.

Instead, try to KISS it. 😘

K.I.S.S is an acronym that I picked up during my years as a Social Worker in Substance Abuse.


(the real acronym for the second S is “Stupid” but we don’t call ourselves names 😉 )

Keeping it SIMPLE is the key to ANY Daily practice because when it’s simple – it’s viable and you’ll do it.

If you require yourself to meditate for 40 minutes a day – then journal for 20 minutes and then take a salt bath for 30 minutes….

Then let’s be realistic – you probably won’t do it.

So where do you begin to set up a daily practice that…

>Aligns you with your Source
>Gives you a Sacred Space for yourself.
>Deepens your connection.
>Helps you get the guidance you need.
>Allows you to release and receive your desires
>Use Oils, Crystals, Oracle Cards in an Empowered way. 
>Turn your intentions/prayers into Manifestations!


…because we are going to go through 5 days of FREE CONTENT on how to get your daily practice set – so that it FEELS GOOD FOR YOU.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours to get set for the day we will give you ALL THE INFORMATION you need in order to set it up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a SEASONED practioner, healer or coach –

If your practice isn’t working, or you’re skipping days then – you might need to give it a little KISS.

>>The trainings are FREE and the REPLAYS will only be available for 24 HOURS!

Join me LIVE for the SPREADING HER WINGS series where we will give your Daily Spiritual Practice the KISS it needs to support you!


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