The Ball Is In Your Court…

dog-3545004_640Manifesting with the Universe is a like a tennis game.

Only the balls with the most energy on them get over the net and returned to you.

Those balls – especially with the energy of what you don’t want – are also being evaluated and sent back.

What you want is a nice YELLOW BALL filled with all your intentions, desires and feelings that you want to create.

But only the Orange ones – the one’s you don’t want – are being lobbed back to you and you can’t figure out why.

In fact, they’re taking over the game.

  • You’ve made it clear that you don’t want Orange balls.
  • You’ve screamed it from the top of you lungs that you don’t want them.
  • You’ve posted on every Social Media outlet about your indignation about them.
  • Told everyone you don’t. want. Orange. balls.

….And yet they continue to be lobbed over the net to you.

The problem here — is that there is SO MUCH ENERGY around the Orange balls– that the yellow ones never make it back.

The Universe only reads the Energy of what you send over the net.

It doesn’t discern between Orange and Yellow balls.

It sees the ball coming over the net – identifies the color – and returns to you — MORE. OF. THAT.

So the next time you lob one over — make sure what you are truly wanting to manifest is STRONGER than what you don’t want to manifest.

Then… you’ll start to seeing Yellow. 

Tennis Anyone?

Align and Manifest ON!






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