Your Body Is A Manifestor!

“Who cares about the body – I want to connect with my Guides and Angels.” I hear this a lot from people -especially those who are energetically sensitive, psychic, or healers.

Those three categories have their upper chakras open and activated. Their focus is in the …

  • Crown – For Connection
  • Third Eye – For Clairvoyance
  • Throat – For ClairAudience & Mediumship

These three areas are usually highly developed in Healers and unless you are purposely concentrating on things like…

~what the body needs, how to nourish it, expanding your grounding mechanisms and ensuring that you are in balance at all times…Then your lower chakras will be smaller than the upper ones.

This out of balance – ungrounded phenomenon can lead to illnesses like:

  • *Headaches
  • *Sleep disorders
  • *Immune disorders
  • *Digestive disorders
  • *Anxiety and Depression — plus more.

–>>> Your mind and your body are connected.

What you do as a Soul – your body mimics – only he/she can’t hold as much light as you can.

The body is dense, It’s physical, It has texture.

So while you’re pummeling it with light, codes and downloads, racing into the higher realms etc…

– it can struggle to keep up.

When that discomfort and discord hits your mental field – you focus on it because your body is trying to get your attention.

In turn, that discord can affect your emotional body which can lead to the roller coaster of emotion phenomenon.

Lastly –>> this one’s important…

Your Spiritual Boundaries can become porous and you leak energy in and out of you fields.

Now, half the things you’re trying to process don’t even belong to you- but they can make you sick.

The body is a Vehicle for the Soul and they’re all connected.

Not working with your body is like driving your car on fumes and with four flat tires.

Eventually, it will break down and leave you stranded.

Here’s the #TRUTH …

If you want to connect more fully into the upper chakras, get even BETTER at what you do and create even more connection with those realms…

Then you have to work on the lower chakras and take care of you body and energy fields.

The more you can lock into the Earth – the higher you can go into the upper realms – without worrying about your body falling into illness and discord.

Emotional Eating and Pain can be traced back to the lower chakras and good energetic maintenance for you and your body is a good healing practice. 🙂

Your body is your friend.

Treat it that way.

Until then,

Align & Manifest On!


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