When You’re Ready… It will click.

Have you ever noticed when the same information shows up for you time and time again and it feels monotonous- until one day it just clicks?

I have with one Specific teacher I had been following for years.

She offered lots of free material and live streams but…

I couldn’t get over the sound of her voice. LOL Not even for a minute.

When I looked at the energy behind it – it had become clear that it had nothing to do with her voice- but more with what I was ready to hear.

I was clearly not ready to receive the message she was offering at the time.

So, I did my work and looked at all the energy and mindset around it .
…but then something clicked. I was ready to hear the message.

I share this with you because it is all apart of being aware of your own energy & mindset.

The Universe, God, Goddess, Source… will keep sending you the same information from different Sources, in different ways and in different ‘tones’ — until you get it.

Sometimes it’s a ‘Come To God’ moment and sometimes it’s about be willing to hear the message that’s being offered.

…but here’s the truth…

When you’re ready…
It’ll click. 

You’ll hear the message.

You’ll suddenly ‘get’ things you didn’t get before. 

You’ll understand things about yourself more fully.

You’ll realize, that after all this time it wasn’t other people and their message – but your willingness and ability to receive the information.

This is growth.

So don’t knock yourself down for not getting it the first time around.

You will get it.

It will click!

Align & Manifest On!



2 thoughts on “When You’re Ready… It will click.

  1. So true, Elizabeth. You were the first one and only one I heard talking about “shift” and “higher beings” about 3 years ago…

    And now, so many coaches are talking about “shift” and I suddenly “get it”! ________________________________

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