Are You Leaking Money? Take The Test!

Yes, you can actually leak money. ..but before we show you how let’s rewind a bit.

  1. We come from a perspective that:
  • Money Is ENERGY.
  • Source Is ENERGY.
  • You Are Source Energy.
  • Therefore Money Is Source Energy Which You Are As Well.
  1. We also hold the perspective that:

Money Comes As A Secondary Benefit To Your Alignment.

So, if everything is Energy there are no attachments to money having to be the “Soul” provider of your Happiness, Abundance, Well-being etc…

That job belongs to YOU. 🙂  (see point 2)

Now… How can you tell if you’re leaking money?

Take The Test Below:

  1. Do you spend money impulsively or have buyers remorse?


  1. Do you put yourself in difficult positions because it’s “proper” or ” expected?”


  1. Do you set hard and fast boundaries with people who trigger you?


  1. Do you go to Parties or Social Events when you’d rather stay home?


  1. Do you take on extra work because no one else is doing it and it has to get done?


  1. Do you take care of all or most of the household chores?


  1. Do you avoid setting aside “Me Time” because you’re too busy or tired?


  1. Are you saying YES to clients that aren’t a good match for you?


  1. Do you answer client or work calls after biz hours or during family time?


  1. Do you avoid physical exercise because your not motivated or are attending to others?


  1. Do you plan healthy meals for yourself & set aside at least 15 mins of quiet time to eat?


  1. Do you see others succeeding and then feel bad about yourself?


  1. Do you cancel time with your family, boyfriend or kids in order to get work done?


  1. Are you in a Sub-Par relationship and know it but aren’t ready to leave?


  1. Do you get support from your peeps (friends, family, Spouse/partner, colleagues etc…) ?


Now, Tally Up All Your “Yeses” and Multiply them by $10,000.

Ex. 4 yeses = $40,000

Your Total is the amount of money you are leaking by not managing your energy and setting boundaries with yourself and others.

  • If you are Source Energy.
  • Money Is Energy
  • And you are the Energy of Money and Source…


Then each time you said ‘yes’ you’re are GIVING AWAY your money/energy in the THOUSANDS!

Your energy is a valuable commodity use it wisely and don’t give it away so freely.

So, what was your score?

Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time…

Align & Manifest On!


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