You Weren’t Meant To Live In Limitation

Are You Afraid Of Money?

You’re probably sitting there right now going 

“not me – send it my way!”

…but in truth people associate a lot of fear around receiving money.

I’ve worked with many Spiritual Entrepreneurs who wanted to increase their income levels in their healing and coaching practices and couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t create more money.

They were doing all the right things… Marketing, Engagement, connections etc…

When we sat down there are a couple of themes around money that come up.

You only make enough to survive
You don’t think you’re worth more.
Money = people will take advantage of me.
Money = people will control me.
Money = that I have to do things I don’t want to.
More money = Burnout
Money = Overwhelm and anxiety
Money = People will take it from me.

You get the drift.

All of these are unconscious. You don’t realize they’re there.

You place those associations on money.

–>> Money is just an energy of exchange.

It doesn’t have any strings attached to it – unless you attach them, don’t set your boundaries or allow your old programming to take over.

A lot of people have issues around money but Spiritual Entrepreneurs have lost of monkeys around money. 🐒🐒🐒

You weren’t meant to live in limitation.

You were meant to live Abundantly!

To live in your passion and your purpose.

Open the cage and set YO’ MONKEYS FREE!

You got this.

You are SO worthy.

You are SO deserving.

All the Universe wants to do is GIVE YOU MORE.

All YOU have to do is LINE UP with it and RECEIVE.

Manifest On!

Elizabeth xx


One thought on “You Weren’t Meant To Live In Limitation

  1. This definitely hits home! On the surface, most of us want more money. But there are so many subtle and not so subtle ways we have been conditioned about the pitfalls of having it in our lives. Thank you for helping to break through the barriers.

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