Energetic Attachments & Being Empathic AF

Mandala-gold-foil-trans-with-stroke (1)Do you ever get frustrated when you see people spouting off some type opinion that doesn’t align with your own? You might have even unfollowed them from Social Media after it.

OR Have you seen someone talk about or DO something that you don’t agree with and you get angry over that?

OR You become absolutely outraged over the fact that they DID something you don’t believe is right and now it’s set your pants on fire?

OR You become so SADDENED by something you see or by an action or another then become Empathic AF.

This is called Attachment.

When you are Attached to another person’s behavior, actions or beliefs and have a DESIRE for them to Do it, Feel it or Think it differently – you move out of alignment and are now Empathically feeling all their garbage.

You know you’re there when you’re thinking or feeling things like:

  • Well, that’s not right – they should be…
  • That’s out of alignment… they should be…
  • Feel outraged by another.
  • Get frustrated and angry by another.
  • Have thoughts like “OMG they’re so stupid.”
  • How could you do that?
  • Point out how they’re wrong and you’re right.
  • Disagree with others publicly because you “know” the right way.
  • …maybe even get a little self-righteous and spiritually arrogant.

If it’s enough to get you all wound up – then your energy has moved out of alignment and INTO attachment.


Energetic attachment is your desire for another person to change, alter or shift they’re thoughts, feelings, beliefs or behaviors – that feels MORE ACCEPTABLE to your own FEELINGS and DESIRES.

Now when I write this – you might be like – “I don’t do that – I allow everyone to have their own opinions.”

Well, if you’re experiencing any of the above – then you and your energy are not on the same page.

Now that you’re attached – everything in that vibration is going to drive you mad until you pull your energy from it.

—>>>That’s where the Empathic AF piece comes in.

So how can you tell when you’ve become Energetically attached to the outcome of another person?

The Key Word Is:


When you WANT something from another person like a different behavior, having them respond in a different way to you, change in their actions,  having them be responsible for your  (abundance, love, respect etc) – – you have become energetically attached to the outcome of another person and place your energy on them.

—>> Empathic AF.

Instead of trying to convince or force someone to alter their behavior (based on your own judgements of what’s right and wrong) try being attached to the outcome for YOURSELF instead.


> WANTING them to do something or respond in any particular fashion can sometimes show up as the  vibration of control.

SOLUTION: Be responsible for controlling your own behavior and activate those frequency’s on yourself and model the solution.

> WANTING them to think or behave differently shows up as a personal responsibility component.

SOLUTION: Be responsible for what you think or how you behave activate those frequency’s on yourself and model the solution.


> WANTING – Any type of change from another.

SOLUTION – Be responsible for that desire & activate those frequency’s on yourself and model the solution. .

So, what’s the big deal if I WANT these things and become Energetically Attached to other people’s behavior and conduct?

Good question! So glad you asked it.

First, –>> Empathic AF.

Second, you can’t SHIFT a vibration from the SAME VIBRATION that created it. Lower Vibrations DO NOT shift Lower Vibrations.

So, more LOWER VIBRATION contributions (reactions) only serve as FUEL to increase the attachment… and Empathic AF.

Ex. Anger met with Anger = More Anger. (Plus power and control struggles  – but that’s another post 😉 )

HIGHER VIBRATIONS Elevate LOWER VIBRATIONS. (Google The Law of Resonance)

Ex. Anger + Love = SHIFT

Thirdly,  for the energetically sensitive person the Empathic & Karmic Backlash you can get whipped with can take you a while to unravel.

Empathic Backlash Looks Like This:

Tapping into the Mass Consciousness of low vibration and frequencies of Lack, Separation, Abandonment, and Fear.

  • You take on all of the person’s lessons, tasks and Karma.
  • You can feel their thoughts, feeling and beliefs, as if they were your own.
  • You will engage the fear monster and ignite your Fight or Flight modes.
  • You will get triggered for no reason – lower your vibration &…
  • You move out of energetic alignment which also pulls you out of…
  • Energetic Integrity.

More About How All That Looks Below In Today’s Video:


More on how to mange  Empathic Sensitivity Can Be Found Here)

So, now you’re ATTACHED to someone who refuses to take responsibility for their own actions and your frustration levels are through the roof.

You might even slip into judgement and start-up with a thousand reasons as to why this person is… blah, blah, blah.

They Key to NOT becoming Attached to the outcome of others behaviors is  being RESPONSIBLE for your own energy and your own attachments. 

Everyone uses their own unique tools when it comes to Spiritual Growth and Evolution and no amount of your WANTING to them change – is going to change that.

So… you will need to remove your attachments and learn how to take energetic responsibility for your OWN stuff and MODEL right energy to others.

RIGHT ENERGY = How you are aligned AF with your own Essence & nothing they do, think, or believe can pull you out of it.

Try holding a nice little bubble of  Compassion. No judgement. You don’t have to agree with their point of view – but you don’t have to permit their point of view to move you out of your own alignment either.

More on Practicing Compassion here)

Remember: Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper

  1. Everyone is at a different level of spiritual growth and evolution.
  2. It’s not your job to change them, monitor them or inject your point of view.
  3. They NEED these mechanisms in order to Awaken and become Aware. 

The Solution:

Be energetically responsible for YOU… because in truth that is the only thing you have ANY control over.

So, what is the Keyword or phrase to look out for when you’re feeling triggered? 


What is it that I’m wanting? 

The moment you hear OR feel it – check yourself – are you energetically attaching to the behavior, action or thought or desire for another?

**Remember… this is all happening energetically and you may not even know you’re doing it — but you will certainly feel it – Empathic.

It’s all about being more Self-Aware of  YOUR OWN energy, where it is and who you’re attaching it to.

So I”ll invite you to keep your energetic hands to yourself… you will be much happier and less triggered for it! 🙂 

Did this article Stir you up?


You’re attached. ❤





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