The Delicate Ballet Of Energy & Mindset

The unseen beliefs behind why you’re not manifesting the things you want.
It’s taken me over 15 years to figure out the formula. I was making it SO HARD and it was SO EASY.
I looked at receiving and money from ALL THE ANGLES.
I’ve looked at it from the conscious, unconscious, known and unknown, seen and unseen… all in order to create greater alignment and increase my levels of manifestation.
But here’s the deal…
It all boils down to that white mushy stuff that sits inside your head and some subconscious patterns you don’t even know you’re running.
Yes, there are energetic components at play for some people, but just focusing on the energy aspects will not help you with your mindset.
The two have to blend gracefully like a beautiful ballet of thought creation.
The mindset work backs up the energy work and in return the energy work backs up your mindset.
The two work together.
You see – you can clear an energetic block – easy peazy lemon squeezy…. but if you don’t shift the mindset that created the block in the first place then… it returns.
That’s why some people struggle with the same themes over and over again.
When it comes to manifestation of money, alignment and general wellbeing – WORTH – plays a big role.
Manifestation is easy.
The hiccup happens when you don’t think or feel that you’re Worthy of what you’re asking for.
That hiccup STOPS the flow.
That’s why we spent DAYS channelling our Worthy Goddess Training Program.
We want you to know that you ARE WORTHY because you are!
Anything that tells you the opposite — is a mis-aligned thought form or an old belief pattern.
asset 2
Elizabeth xx

Registration for the Worthy Goddess Training program is NOW open.

Head on over and join us… because you’re worth it. ❤


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