The Universe Is Not Testing You

The Universe, God, Source, Higher Self etc… isn’t testing you.

There is NO test. 

You receive what you allow into your reality. 

You vibrate at the level in which you allow yourself to receive.

If you can think it — it is done.

Universe, God, Source, Higher Self etc… isn’t blocking you from what you want. 

These are limiting beliefs that stems from thoughts and feelings of separation and Self-Worth and old programming telling you that you have to X in or to receive Y.

It’s All Bullsh*t!

You are NEVER disconnected from your Source  and Source wants you to have EVERYTHING you desire.

You are ALREADY Worthy in Source’s eyes – there is NOTHING you could do or say that would change that.

Everything else in between is happening in your thoughts – your energy – your belief systems.

There are NO BARGAINS to be made.

There are NO if this than that.

Everything you want and desire is within YOUR CONTROL. Source isn’t holding out for you to:

  • Behave
  • Be good.
  • Be worthy
  • Do nice things
  • To not yell at your kids.
  • Clean up your room
  • Or Live your life the way someone else thinks is best. 

Listen to me very carefully…

I really want you to hear this.

You CAN HAVE whatever you want and there’s NOTHING you have to do or be in order to receive it.

All the excuses you use to say why you can’t have it – are all the ways you resist your own greatness.

Isn’t it time to lay down that mantle and start seeing yourself the way your Source sees you? 

Together now: “I can have everything I desire. Source says so.”

Manifest On! 



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