Yes, Goddess! You ARE Worthy!

Do you feel held back in your biz or life by issues surrounding self-worth?

What I’ve come to find is that a lot of my clients don’t open to receive all they can because they harbor subconscious thoughts that say

I’m Not Worth It.

They spent all this time manifesting what they want and then when it comes time to deliver — Bam… or in this case I should say “Block.”

Then, because they have self-worth issues, they turn it around into a “see, I wasn’t worth it” or “I’m not good enough” scenario.

Whoa… back up!

So we did a little digging and started asking question like:

  • When did you decide that you weren’t worthy?
  • How old were you?
  • What was the situation?
  • How is that playing out for you now in your life or biz?

For a lot of my clients this went back to childhood.

That’s a LONG, LONG time to be running these kind of patterns.

…but here’s the kicker…

They didn’t even realize that they were running them and weren’t able to bring in the truth because they’ve been running around in the muck for so long.

So, if you don’t know this already – then let me set you straight.

You are Worthy because you are.

  • Because you are Love.
  • Because you are Divine.
  • Because you are Unique.
  • Because you have a message to share.
  • Because you have a gift to give.
  • Because you are here on purpose.

There is nothing else that makes you more or less worthy than that.

Stop listening to other people.

It’s not their job to see your worth.

They can’t see your worth because they can’t recognize it within themselves.

See your own worth.

Tell yourself a new story and step into the light and love that you are.

Manifest on!


P.S. We’re getting to launch our Worthy Goddess Training on March 30th – join us in our Spiritual Entrepreneurs Manifesting Aligned Vibes group on FB  or LIKE our page on FB and get notified when that opens.


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