Money Is Your Friend

Deserving is one of the most prominent blocks to any manifestation.
Whether you’re creating a $500 course of a $500,000 course the idea of deserving can trip you up every time.
There is nothing:
💫You need to do.
💫Have to be.
💫Standard to meet.
💫Action to Take.
💫Behavior to bend…
In order to be deserving or worthy.
Money is Energy that freely ebbs and flows without judgement.
It doesn’t care if you told your last client to pound sand or if you knock an ice cream cone out of a child’s hand. (Although, we should have a conversation about that if that’s what you’re doing…;)
It only responds to how you and how you feel and think about it.
Imagine money as if you just met a new friend.
💫You want to hang out.
💫Get to know one another.
💫Do things that you both enjoy!
That’s easy right?
Now… find ways today where you and your money are best friends.
Talk to it!
Seriously, ok money what do you want to create today?
Because the more you make money your friend… the less of an enemy it becomes.
The more it becomes your friend the less judgement you place on whether you deserve it or not ~
…after all… it’s all just energy.
Manifest On!
Elizabeth xx
Who’s ready to make friends with money? Let’s consult and chat about how to get you there.

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