Move Your Money Energy


Seriously… do you know why it’s SO important to MOVE and step away from your computer | job | sitting around in front of the television?

…Because trapped energy sits in your energetic fields, your mental body and your emotional body.

So in a Universe where your thoughts and feelings creates your reality – you don’t want STUCK energy playing around with your mental and emotional energy.

You want to MOVE IT OUT. 👊

When you’re able to get your energy clean and clear via movement – your mental and emotional bodies get clear.

Manifestation becomes easier because you’re able to keep your vibration at a higher frequency for longer periods of time.

Your health and well-being gets better because your body is able to cleanse itself from energetic toxins that slow it down and makes it feel yucky.

Your mental and emotional states improve.

You don’t have to go all HAM (Hard As A Mofo) but you do need to get your A$$ off your couch and away from your computer and MOVE – for at least 30 minutes.

You owe it to yourself  

Today I woke up, posted some inspiration I woke up with on Facebook, Meditated for 40 minutes, and worked out all before NOON.

I don’t do it ALL THE TIME — but I’m getting better at it — all you have to do is start and take one day at a time. 

There’s also a secondary energetic benefit to movement. It cleanses the chakra system and increases your level of wellness and health!

More on the other benefits of movement, clearing and healing can be found by Clicking Here! 


One thought on “Move Your Money Energy

  1. Some great practical advice here. Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, I’ve worked out some home exercises that are much easier for me to commit to. Thanks.

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