Take Back The Day!

Take Back The Day!

Each day as you open your eyes and enter a new life experience you have 30 seconds to to set it up how you wish to experience it.

Sometimes we wake up grumpy, irritable or depressed but in those 30 seconds YOU get to set the tone with the very first though you think.

Even if your first thought is “oh, shit. Not this again.”

You still have 20 more seconds to turn it on its ear and change it.

The is Vibrational Attraction. Each day I teach my clients how to TAKE BACK THEIR DAY for greater Manifestation and Alignment.

Each day is a new slate and new beginning.

Each you get to CHOOSE how it goes and set the tone.

So the moment you open your eyes — SET your vibration.

Catch your first thoughts when you wake up and notice are they supportive or sabotaging?

If you’ve got sabotaging ones then Catch them and change them.

Claim and new day.

Claim a new experience.

…and instead of being a reactionary to the day that comes for you – be proactive and create you day instead!

Don’t worry if goes off the rails later — come back and RESET it and begin the next segment of your day. 🙂

So tell us…. How did you wake up this morning?

It’s not too late to take it back.

Manifest on!

Elizabeth xx


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