Tap Your Own Keg

Social Media is a bit like going to a singles bar.

Every time I enter the bar (a group) I watch people sample and sell their Beer 🍺 hoping that they make a connection and get invited back to your place. 😉

My friends…

The bars are loaded. There are tons of people in the bar sampling and selling. 🍺🍺

The taps are loaded with a variety of different types and flavors.

Now there’s nothing wrong with sampling a beer 🍺 – hell, I’ve been known to throw one back in my time ~😳

…but here’s the thing.


Because everyone is different.

🍺Some people like light beers.
🍺Some people like Dark Beers.
🍺Some people like IPA’s
🍺and some people like fruit based Beers.

You might even find that you’ve sampled a like minded IPA drinker’s beer 🍺and realize that your recipe didn’t come out with the same taste as hers/his.

🍺You followed the instructions.
🍺Did things EXACTLY the way they did it.
🍺Mixed in all the Right high quality ingredients.
🍺Called the same people in to sample it.

Yet, you still can’t figure out why you couldn’t duplicate the recipe.

So here’s the deal folks…

Someone else’s beer 🍺 recipe isn’t going to work for you – Ever.


Because that person is successful because that person is mixing in all the ingredients that WORK for them and once it’s complete — they drink it from their OWN tap. 🍺

You see it doesn’t matter if you get the recipe right. Everyone adds a little SPECIAL something to everything they create~

and THIER TAP doesn’t work for you. It only works for them.

So here’s what you do…

Go home today and TAP YOUR OWN KEG. 🍺🍺🍺

You’ve got one hidden DEEP within the BASEMENT of your own Soul that’s just waiting to be TAPPED.

… and as you move throughout your world you will notice that people will want to know what you’ve been drinking 🍺because everything in your world suddenly seems…

Allllllllll—-riiiiigggggghhhhhht! 😉

Cheers! 🍺🍺🍺

Elizabeth xx


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