Choose Happiness

It doesn’t matter how you might have woken up this morning.

You can choose to change it.

Today I am choosing Happiness because that means fun and freedom for me.

…and here’s the best part… you can choose it too!

🤩DECIDE how you’re day is going to go.

🤩CHOOSE your vibration for the day.

🤩ALLOW yourself to line up with your Source.

…and BLOW The doors off your entire day.

Take 10 seconds right now and take in a deep breath.

Consciously pull all of your awareness into your Divine Line (Heart Space)

…and say the following out loud and with meaning!

🤩Today I am unstoppable!

🤩I take back control and create my own day!

🤩I am a Aligned with my Source!

🤩I choose to be happy AF (as F*ck)

🤩I Attract Clients and Money like a Magnet!

You don’t have to take what the day brings you – you CREATE the day and GET what you ASK FOR!

So begin each morning with a ritual that jacks up your vibe.

Because your attention to your intention is what sets up your day!

Which Mantra Will You Choose Today?

Tell us!

Elizabeth xx



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