Holy Money Mindset Shift! I bought a $360 bathing suit!

Did you know there were bathing suits at that price?

Never in a million years would I have even considered it –but I’ve been working like a MOFO to take my Vibrational Attraction to the next level.

Last year I wouldn’t have even tried the thing on – but this year – I was like WTH?

Of course- it had all the sex appeal I wanted for my Florida get away, it smoothed me out in all the right areas and highlighted my features.

BOOBS – according to the sales lady. “Wow, your boobs look really good in that.”

Could I have passed on it and settled for a lesser suit that wasn’t all that amazing?


…but I’m tired of settling for less because of money.

I haven’t come this far and done all this work to manifest something that’s in alignment only to say “no thanks.”

Have you ever done that?

SETTLED for LESS because it was too expensive or you thought your weren’t worth it?

I have… too many times.

That’s why this time I snatched the suit from the dressing room and told the sales lady “I’ll take it!”

This year, I made a conscious decision to align for only the best, the best clients, connections, relationships, etc..

Because I’m worth it.

Even if it took me the entire day to wiggle out of my mindset doubts about this bathing suit – I’ve come out on the other side and refuse to settle for less.

How about you?

Are you settling for less than you deserve?

Find out why by booking a Complimentary Consult and let’s see how we can help – Click Here!




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